2022 is off to a good start! The January numbers are in, giving us plenty of data to assess how the Ocala
housing market is doing and how it compares to previous years.

Median Sale Price Is Still Rising

In January 2022, the median sale price for a single-family home in Ocala, FL was $254,450. The January
median sale price is in line with the previous few months with prices hovering around $250,000 since
early fall. However, if you look at the change from January 2021, the number looks somewhat more
significant. Last January the median price was just $189,000 for a 34.6% increase from January 2021 to
January 2022.

Dollar Volume Dipped Below $200 Million

The dollar volume, or the sum of the sale prices for all sales that closed throughout the month, was
sitting at $181.2 million in January 2022. This number is slightly lower than it has been for the last
several months, with February 2021 being the last time Ocala’s dollar volume dipped below the $200
million mark. This is likely due to the fact that there were fewer closed sales compared to previous
months. It’s more than likely that the spring and summer months will pick up again and we’ll start to see
more closed sales and a higher dollar volume in the upcoming season.

Fewer Active Listings than Last January, But More Closed Sales

Inventory has been low for approximately two years now, so it makes sense that real estate
professionals, buyers, and sellers are keeping a close eye on the number of active listings available in the
area. Ocala had a total of 801 active listings in January 2022, down from 1,120 in January 2021. While
closed sales can vary quite a bit from one month to the next, they’re still a useful metric to help
determine the health of the real estate market. January 2022 saw 620 closed sales for a year-over-year
increase of 13.1%. So, while inventory was lower, more transactions were completed in January 2022.

Sellers Still Receiving Full List Price

For nearly a year now, the median percent of original list price received has been steadily at 100%. In
other words, sellers are able to get, at minimuim, the full price they listed their home for. It remains to
be seen whether buyers will continue to face the same amount of competition in the coming months.
We’re also seeing more homes listed in the $250,000 and up price range – fewer in the $150 and lower
price range as compared to the same time last year.

Months Supply of Inventory Still Shows a Strong Sellers’ Market

Months supply of inventory is an estimate of the number of months it will take the deplete the current
inventory, given recent sales rates. A balanced market has approximately 5.5 months of inventory.
Anything below that is a sellers’ market, and anything above that is a buyers’ market. To no one’s
surprise, we are still in a strong sellers’ market with a 1-month supply of inventory in January 2022.