The end of a hot summer season is coming in Florida, which is the perfect time to do
maintenance around the house. Getting these jobs done early will help you prepare for the
upcoming winter. Let’s look at these four maintenance ideas to prepare your house for cooler

Cleaning the Pool

At the end of the summer, before it gets colder outside, it is a perfect time to winterize and
clean your pool. Before you put the pool cover on, make sure to take out any ladders or pool
toys. They can get in the way of a pool cover and be an attraction for mosquitoes and other
bugs during the winter. It is important to run the pool pump for at least six hours a day. This
helps eliminate any debris out of the pool and circulate the water. In the unique case that
temperatures will be below freezing, keep the pump running all day and night. If you don’t run
the pump constantly during cold temperatures, it could cause plumbing damage.

Check the Roof and Gutter

Make sure to check on the condition of your roof and gutter. Leaks and structural damage can
occur if roof damage is not dealt with immediately. Get rid of twigs, leaves, and other debris
sitting on the roof. Gutters should be maintained regularly, so you don’t cause damage to your
roof or siding because of water build-up. Water build-up can cause wood rot, rust, and
corrosion. Fix damaged gutters or downspouts right away to avoid more repairs than necessary.

Check Your House’s Exterior at the End of the Summer

When preparing for end of summer maintenance, it is a good time to check any exterior
accessories. Patios and decks can be stained, sealed, or painted during this time. These may
seem like small repairs, but this protects your house or deck from weathering and ultraviolet
damage. Check your driveway and sidewalk for any cracks or holes. Smaller cracks can become
bigger over time from water freezing and expanding in the crack. It creates more of a hazard
when it is icy outside. While icy weather is rare for Florida, freezing temperatures can damage
water pipes. Disconnect and drain any water hoses from outdoor faucets.

Check Seals and Alarms

During colder temperatures, you don’t want your heat to be escaping outside. Gaps and cracks
from damaged caulk can let in cold air and bugs. Make sure to caulk any windows or doors to
add protection against the cold. Rubber and silicone caulk is the best options for cold weather.
Sealing cracks will help you save money because the heat will stay inside the house. Before
winter, it is beneficial to check carbon monoxide and smoke alarms. Replace the batteries and
double-check to see if they work.

Resolute is Here to Help!

To prepare for end of the summer maintenance there are many ways to get your property
ready for colder temperatures. If you need a contractor for property maintenance or help with
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